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Marko Vidmar

HAM parrot

It is simple computer software voice keyer. You need to have serial port interface for digital communication, PC with serial port and sound card to use HAM parrot. In simple settings you select serial port and adjust volume of audio output, record CQ on PC mic and you are ready to go.

It can be downloaded here:

Mobile 5/8 wave antenna for 2m

Like lot HAM radio operators i also have problem where to put my antennas, so i decided to make some mobile antennas for my balcony because i cant put antennas to roof of my building. For 2m band i have made 5/8 lambda mobile antenna and i use it for mobile on my car and at home. It was simple to build, it has better performance than 1/4 lambda and it does not take lot of room.

Parts required

  • Antenna base
  • 10cm of fiberglass rod
  • Copper wire
  • Aluminium rod
  • Aluminium tube
  • Several screws